About MRF


Value Addition, Integrated Food and Energy Production, Comprehensive Supply Chain Management & Private-Public Partnership.

Farming as a livelihood-Farming as a business (transition from small scale to commercial scale by introducing Forward Sales Contract (FSC) and by implementing Contract Farming Schemes, by establishing Commodity Exchange &Wholesale Centers-“commodity futures” market in near future and by promoting the innovative use of farm machinery and equipment rental service.Rice Processing/Rice Milling-Food and Energy Production (Change from rice milling to Food and Energy Production- investment in Processing Complexes which integrate the different value addition components for all the byproducts, including rice husk fired power plant, quality rice production & sustaining the better level of national competitiveness).

Business As Usual Model-Strategic Promotion of the roles of trade and market (Price and Supply Stabilization , Selective Intervention and Smart Subsidies, Trade Promotion by G-to –G arranged by B-to-B execution). Private-Public Partnership-Productive & Effectiveness Market-based Policies; Promotion of Equality & Justice at land related matters; Strong macroeconomic environment that prioritize Agribusiness; Competitive Exchange Rate; Focus; Coordination and Cooperation in R & D activities.


The objectives of Myanmar Rice Federation are as follows:

  • To Support and strengthen national economy of Myanmar by developing and utilizing resources available in rice industry
  • To lead, manage and guide rice associations with the aim of effective and efficient coordination and cooperation to achieve sustainable development
  • To exercise collective decision making process and to promote good practices such as unity, understanding, harmony, negotiation and compromise, cooperation and coordination
  • To support and assist the objectives and activities of rice associations
  • To promote good democratic practices in order to achieve rice sector development
  • To cooperate and coordinate with parliamentary organizations committees and commissions, political parties, individuals, press and media, local and international organizations with the aims of rice sector development
  • To act as the bridge between the Government  and stakeholders in rice industry
  • To implement research and development  tasks, training and education tasks and to disseminate information and news for the benefits of members and of stakeholders in rice industry
  • To provide policy recommendations and advice to Government and other related organizations
  • To settle the dispute and assist arbitration matters among members
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