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About Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF)

Myanmar is an agricultural country where rice industry is the most predominant segment in agriculture and agribusiness. Rice industry, in addition to its crucial aspect of food security, has been connected culturally, traditionally and socio-economically with majority of the population in Myanmar. As rice industry very significantly important for Myanmar, there are national level associations formed by private sector representing the various components of rice industry. In order to lead, give coordination and provide guidance to those associations for the sustainable developments, effective and efficient coordination and cooperation, Myanmar Rice Federations was established in 2012. Myanmar Rice Federation shall promote democratic practices such as collective decision making by majority, respect and support to minority, freedom of speech and expression, exchange of news and views, respect the role and responsibility of every stakeholder.

Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF), formally formed in 2012 as a national level Federation, by restructuring and upgrading Myanmar Rice Industry Association (MIRA). MRF represents the private sector of Myanmar Rice Millers Association (MRMA), Myanmar Rice & Paddy Traders Association (MRPTA), Myanmar Paddy Producers Association (MPPA), Myanmar Farmers Association (MFA), Myanmar Fertilizer, Seed and Pesticide Entrepreneurs Association (MFSPEA) and Rice Specialization Companies (RSC). The objectives of MRF are to support and implement the sustainable development of Myanmar rice industry by optimizing the effective and efficient utilization of all the available resources in rice industry. MRF is a member-driven Federation, which always acts in the interest for the welfare of members and stakeholders. Moreover, MRF is implementing and encouraging market-based mechanism to ensure supply and price stability, to modernize and upgrade processing and storage facilities, to incentivize producers and stakeholders, and most importantly, to ensure national food security.

Myanmar Rice Policy
Myanmar rice policy is to ensure the food security and nutrition security if the national people. Myanmar adopts both extensive and intensive means to boost the productivity and to meet the growing demands for higher quality rice. Myanmar rice policy are set in the frame of market economic practices and are in line with national objective of restoring Myanmar as the major rice exporter in global marketplace.
More than 70% of the population of Myanmar reside in rural areas and are closely connected with rice industry. Therefore Myanmar Rice Policies are formulated to enhance the socio-economic development of rural rice farming families.
Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF) is responsible for ensuring the sustainable development of Myanmar rice sector, promoting and advocating the welfare of all the stakeholders and exercising better coordination, effective and efficient implementation of rice policies laid down by the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Potential For Trade and Investment
Very rich in natural and human resources, having possessed the strategic location in South East Asia with green and clean environment, Myanmar possesses high potentials for trade and investment. The government has introduced macroeconomic and industrial reforms to be in accordance with international practices, making Myanmar one of the most reliable, and vibrant and promising business hub in Asia.
Myanmar white rice is being exported to Bangladash, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, African countries and Middle Eastern countries. Myanmar white rice is very famous for its unique characteristic such as food safety and exquisite natural taste as the national usage of farm chemicals is very minimal. Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF) welcomes traders and investors from international community to collaborate and cooperate with Myanmar rice business entrepreneurs in various sectors of Myanmar rice industry.


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