The objectives of Myanmar Rice Federation are as follows:

(1) To Support and strengthen national economy of Myanmar by developing and utilizing resources available in rice industry

(2) To lead, manage and guide rice associations with the aim of effective and efficient coordination and cooperation to achieve sustainable development

(3) To exercise collective decision making process and to promote good practices such as unity, understanding, harmony, negotiation and compromise, cooperation and coordination

(4) To support and assist the objectives and activities of rice associations

(5) To promote good democratic practices in order to achieve rice sector development

(6) To cooperate and coordinate with parliamentary organizations committees and commissions, political parties, individuals, press and media, local and international organizations with the aims of rice sector development

(7) To act as the bridge between the Government and stakeholders in rice industry

(8) To implement research and development tasks, training and education tasks and to disseminate information and news for the benefits of members and of stakeholders in rice industry

(9) To provide policy recommendations and advice to Government and other related organizations

(10) To settle the dispute and assist arbitration matters among members.

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